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New Year’s food traditions around the world

Here are some of the common food New Year’s food traditions around the world.1.In Spain at the stroke of midnight, they eat one grape for every toll of the clock bell. Some even prep their grapes – peeling and seeding them. New Year’s food traditions 2.In Mexico, Tamales are eaten it’s, corn dough stuffed with meat, cheese and… Read More »

Japanese New Year’s Traditions | Greetings Wishes and more

Japanese New Year’s Traditions Japanese people eat a special selection of dishes on New Year’s Day called osechi.   The Japanese have a custom of sending New Year’s Day postcards to their friends and relatives. Nenga are New Year’s greetings. Sending nenga greeting cards to friends and family is a very popular New Year’s tradition.   On New… Read More »

50+ Happy New Years 2020 Quotes & Sayings Images In English

The new year 2020 will start after a few days. Alhamdullilah 2018 was much more interesting. there are many things to share with you guys. but one unforgettable is the love of Ultra Updates blog readers. Today I’m sharing motivational new year quotes 2020 with images and there are also some beautiful new year’s greetings & wishes messages.… Read More »

A Little Boy Thought This Muslim Man Was Santa Claus And He’s Played Along For 4 Years

The Santa Claus with Alfie. Santa Claus is 100% real – at least for one little boy who first saw him walking past his front door in south London four years ago. “Santa”, whose real name is Mr. Hussain, was walking down the street in Tooting in December 2013 when he was spotted by Alfie, who is now… Read More »

Top 50 New Year’s Quotes

Find the perfect words! Rather than just writing Happy New Year in your cards and gift tags for your friends use a New Year quote or saying. Browse our beautiful collection of famous quotes about New Year by noted authors, celebrities and poets and send them an unforgettable message. Approach the New Year with resolve to find the… Read More »