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What are the Different Words for Friends in Different Languages

Happy Friendship Day What are the Different Words for Friends in Different Languages Korean – CHINGU (친구) (chin-gu) Japanese -TOMODACHI (友達; ともだち; or トモダチ) (to -mo-da-chi) Albanian – mik Basque – Lagun Basque – Lagun Catalan – amic Dutch – vriend Danish – ven French – ami Galician – amiga German – Freund Icelandic – Vinur Irish –… Read More »

Condolence Messages for a Father’s Death: Words of Sympathy

Condolence Messages for Father: How to convey sympathy when someone’s dad passes away? Stop looking around for the perfect quote, whether you want to write something on a card or make a speech at a funeral. The best words will come from your heart, because the heart feels sympathy and pain like nothing else can. Whether it is… Read More »

3rd Grade Spelling Words List

There could be hundreds of words that need to be learned in the third year of elementary. From three to ten letter words, here is a look at some great practice words to use on your 3rd grade spelling words list. aimasleepbeautifulbecausebeganbeingbrushesbusycaterpillarcentercentscluecouldn’tdeepdidn’tdoesn’tdoingdragondrinkeighthairHalloweenhasn’thellohopinghoppinghunterI’mjeansjokeknightlemonletterlockermothermymyselfnearnevernursepainterpartiespenniespicnicpuddlerealrichringsecretsmiledspraystartstereostillsuretenthankturkeyuntiewalkingwerewhywithwrestleyou’ll Here is a brief video on how to teach elementary spelling in just 15 minutes a… Read More »

8th Grade Spelling Bee Words List

Eighth grade spelling is an important part to establishing a child’s base foundation with the English language as they continue to construct their writing and vocabulary skills. Here is a look at some great examples of words to use for an 8th grade spelling bee. amnestyamusementannoyanceanxiousarrangementbelligerentburglarycameoscaricatureconsequenceconsiderablecontrarycriticizecryptdeficiencydepthentireexchangeextraordinaryfashionableforgeryforgettingglamoroushorizoninconvenienceinternallyinterrogateleisurelucrativemaliciousmercenarymeticulousominousoptimisticoutrageousparliamentpassagewayperceivedpermeatephenomenonplaintiffprecipitateprecociousprestigiousprivilegerectangularrelievesacrificescandalizedschedulesecuringserviceableshudderingspecifictaboothreattransientunenforceablevacillatevesselvigilantvivacious Here is one example of an eighth grade spelling test as they… Read More »

Pictionary Words List for Adults

There are many ways you can play pictionary with your family and friends. It is a great entertaining game that will surely lead to laughter and smiles. Here are some great pictionary word lists for adults you can incorporate in your next round of play. aircraftAmericabackbonebaseballbatterybicyclebladingbombbowtiecakecircuscoalcomputercowboydeepdominoesdoorelectricityfroggarbagegingerbread manhalfhockeyhorseiPadkeylawnmowerlight bulblightsabermailmanmattressmusicnatureoutsidepalaceparkpasswordphotographpinwheelpirateplatypusqueenrollerroundshallowskateskisongsparespringstateteapotthieftoasttreasuretripwaxwhiskwhistle Here is a look at how to play pictionary and… Read More »

37 Most Commonly Misspelled Words in 4th Grade

In more than five decades, certain words pose difficulty for students. Here is a look at some of the most commonly misspelled words in 4th grade that impact grade levels up to the eight grade. againanimalsaroundbabiesbeautifulbecausebeforecamecaughtdifferenteveryfirstfriendgettinghappeningheardinterestingjumpedknewlikelittlemanymorningnamepeopleprettyreceivedrunningsomethingsurprisethentherethoughttriedwantedwherewould Here is a video on the top ten misspelled words in the English language.