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Principal Dancer At NYCB Tiler Peck Shares Her Stretch & Strengthening Tips While In Quarantine

Need to practice with the Principal Dancer of the New York Metropolis Ballet? Now’s your likelihood! Tiler Peck shared with HL her suggestions! When Tiler Peck left her NYC residence to get dwelling to her household in California amid the Coronavirus pandemic, she packed only some objects, excluding the leotards and shorts which can be her typical every… Read More »

Social Interaction: Strengthening Our Senior Citizens

A social life is important to everyone, but it is absolutely critical for most seniors. As people age, they often find they need a strong support system—family, friends, coworkers, even pets—to give life meaning. Simply being seen is a vital yet under-discussed psychological need for nearly all people. Seniors, especially, have a deep need for healthy, social interaction.… Read More »