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Chilli Paneer – 2 Ways (Restaurant Style & Street Style Chilli Paneer Dry)

Chilli Paneer is one of the popular recipe from the Indian Chinese cuisine. There are many ways of making it. You can make it dry, semi dry or a gravy version. In this post I am sharing the dry and semi dry version. Chilli Paneer Restaurant Style (Semi-Dry) Chilli Paneer Street Style (Dry version as a snack) Both… Read More »

Street Children’s Day: Messages, Wishes & Greetings

Street Children’s Day has been globally celebrated to recognize the hardships and deprivation faced by underprivileged children since 2012, on April 12th every year. Rallies are organized on this day to ensure that no matter where they are, they get what they deserve according to their rights. The street children or the so tagged ‘homeless youth’ have been… Read More »

IT Engineer Hacked His Own Wall Street Company And Stole Source Code, Arrested By FBI

Short Bytes: FBI has arrested a DevOps Engineer Zhengquan Zhang for stealing proprietary source code and accessing employee accounts at KCG Holdings where he worked as a supervisor. Zhang deployed malware on company’s servers to get employee login details. He later told that he was afraid of losing his job due to an acquisition. IIt was known last… Read More »

Masala Uttapam | Sandwich Uttapam Street Style

Masala uttapam recipe with step by step photos – a tasty variation of uttapam made with spiced potato masala, onions, tomatoes and spices. These are also known as sandwich uttapams and taste too good. Idli, Masala Dosa and uttapam are made as a weekend breakfast and I make many recipes with leftover batter like kuzhi paniyaram, sweet paniyaram, punugulu.… Read More »

Chow Mein | Street Style Veg Chowmein Recipe

class=”tasty-pins-hidden-image-container” style=”display:none;”> Chow mein recipe with step by step photos – Delicious Indo Chinese recipe of veg chowmein noodles. A Vegan Dish. Veg chow mein is basically stir fried noodles with lots of veggies. Smooth velvety noodles with crunch from the veggies. The recipe comes together in minutes, provided someone chops the vegetables for you :). If you… Read More »

I Couldn’t Help Smiling After Watching These Passers-by Took Photos in the Street

Playful, Joyous, Gleeful, Fortunate, Thrilled, Guilty, Ashamed, Upset, Lousy, Disgusting . . . We all have experienced and gone through these feelings, for one reason or another. It can be due to happiness or depression, or helplessness or due to anger. But, now-a-days many believe that humans are more prone to sadness and worry than happiness. Terrorism and fear… Read More »