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Top Strategies For Ensuring Your Brand Appeals To Millennials

Around 64% of women and 68% of men have felt an emotional connection to a brand (as reported by Consumer Thermometer), indicating the extent to which trust, loyalty and ethics are important when building your brand in current times. Today’s millennial customer is one who is meaning-focus, interested in sustainability and ethics, and willing to pay more for a brand… Read More »

20 Effective Retail Store Content Marketing Strategies

A killer content marketing strategy requires consistency. You need to be consistent with the posts you put out there. Regular posts with enough engagement will help your content to stand out from the crowd.  How To make an amazing content marketing strategy? Create Landing Pages Proper Segmentation Knowing Your Audience Learn SEO and Digital Marketing Techniques Use Ads… Read More »

13 Retail Store Marketing Strategies to Get New Customers

What’s of paramount importance in retail marketing is the ability to acquire new customers and retain your old ones. This is applicable to businesses that are both in the incubation/start-up phase as well as in the established/mature phases. There are an ample number of ways to efficiently market your business. Let us discuss how, what, when and why… Read More »

Top 20 Local Store Marketing Strategies You Must Know

‘Local Store Marketing’, or simply put, ‘Local Marketing’ is a kind of marketing strategy where business actions are limited to local or neighborhood regions but it can be unique or locally relevant. Suppose, in a city – Michigan, where ‘Kelloggs’ corn flakes’ are widely popular. In this case, the corn flakes business attracts the local customers, neighborhood as… Read More »

Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies To Stand Out As A Brand

With more than 4.5 billion people being internet users, more and more brands flock to the web and put most of their efforts into digital marketing. It’s obviously not so easy to stand out in this competitive environment, and everyone strives to be really different. Perhaps you want to build a strong online community around your brand and… Read More »

What Are Some Best Strategies To Boost My B2B Lead Generation?

B2B lead generation is a huge topic in the competitive business world. Indeed, attracting and collecting potential leads from clients has become critical. The big puzzle, however, is to identify the strategies that guarantee success in the area. This article gives you tried and tested strategies that will help you achieve lead generation goals. What Is Special About… Read More »

Reduce Self-Defeat: 5 Strategies To Grow Your Courage

I tried to end my life.  Numerous corrosive and false core beliefs guided my decision although I was barely aware of them.  As major depression steadily dimmed the light of hope, reasons to care became harder to find.  Finally, a sense of utter worthlessness shrouded any purpose for staying alive. Recovery involved therapy, where courage to take charge… Read More »