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The X-Men’s ROGUE Stole Her Powers From Captain Marvel

Followers of The X-Males are acquainted with the powers that the troubled hero Rogue brings to a battle: her signature skill to briefly steal powers from whoever she touches, together with a conventional superhero energy set that features flight, tremendous power, and enhanced sturdiness. However she did not all the time have the latter half of her skills. That… Read More »

Hackers Stole 7.5TB Of Secret Data From Russia’s Intelligence Agency

It appears that the hackers got hacked this time! According to BBC Russia, hackers have managed to steal data from Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). The attackers managed to steal about 7.5 terabytes of data from a major FSB contractor, thus exposing the secret projects the agency was working on to de-anonymize Tor browsing, scrape data from social… Read More »

Wannabe Russian Bank Malware Attacked Millions Of Android Devices, Stole People’s Money

Short Bytes: A malware named Cron was deployed by a 16-membered hacker group in Russia which infected more than a million Android devices across the country by faking itself as banking apps. The hacker group was arrested last year before they could manage to affect banks in other countries. Russia’s name was prominent on the list of the… Read More »

IT Engineer Hacked His Own Wall Street Company And Stole Source Code, Arrested By FBI

Short Bytes: FBI has arrested a DevOps Engineer Zhengquan Zhang for stealing proprietary source code and accessing employee accounts at KCG Holdings where he worked as a supervisor. Zhang deployed malware on company’s servers to get employee login details. He later told that he was afraid of losing his job due to an acquisition. IIt was known last… Read More »

Story Of A Bored Reddit Hacker — “I Stole Tons Of Subreddits Just For Fun”

A hacker, who is on Twitter, with username @TehBVM, got bored and has been playing around with several subreddits by defacing them or by stealing the data of those subreddits. This bored hacker has been doing the same for the past one week and some of the subreddits targeted by him are –/r/Battlefield_One, /r/Battlefield, /r/Pics, /r/GameOfThrones, /r/StarWars, /r/Cars, /r/Gay, /r/HowToHack,… Read More »