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Natural Talent vs Hard Work

Human equality is a concept that the American culture consider as its cornerstone. Despite the fact that there are citizens that were conceived into a better condition compared to others, everybody is entitled to equality. So everyone has the right to pursue happiness, liberty, and better life. This has been outlined in every document that declares the government… Read More »

Relax With Natural Sounds By Using Ambient Noise Music Player In Ubuntu

Natural sound has been recommended worldwide for better concentration, improving focus and relaxation. I often listen to various meditation music available on YouTube for the sole purpose of relaxing myself. Listening to sound of birds, insects, rain, river etc can be very soothing at times. Android and iOS has a number of apps dealing in ambient sound/natural sound/white… Read More »

PR Agency Natural to Open L.A. Workplace, Led by Kirsty Langsdale

Movie and tv communications company Natural is to launch an L.A. workplace, to be run by Kirsty Langsdale, who has led the corporate’s worldwide publicity division out of London for the previous seven years. Natural’s opening of an workplace on the West Coast displays the widening world scope of the company, permitting it to drive the worldwide campaigns… Read More »