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Native American Day: 61+ Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

class=”tdb-block-inner td-fix-index”> Native American Day is a holiday observed annually in the United States on the second Monday of October every year. As the name suggests, Native American Day is a holiday aimed at changing the way people view Native Americans. The observance focuses on celebrating the Native American culture, heritage, and history of tribes across the nation.  Native… Read More »

50 Wise Native American Quotes on Community, Respect, and More

These Native American quotes will inspire you to appreciate your life, your community, and the people that you know and love. Native American nations lived connected with nature and their community for thousands of years. Many tribes were without the written word, so they carried their traditions orally – passed down from generation to generation. Through this oral… Read More »

Maps of Countries Around the World Made Of Their Native Foods

Now this is the kind of art I’m into: food art! Artists Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves have created Food Maps, a series of continents and countries made out of their favourite national foods. On their website, Levin and Hargreaves “These maps show how food has traveled the globe — transforming and becoming a part of the cultural identity of… Read More »

If You’ve Never Used These English Idioms, You’re Probably Not a Native English Speaker

Those of us who grew up with English as our first language have been exposed to idioms and idiomatic expressions for most of our lives. They may have confused us a little when we were children, but explanation and constant exposure not only increased our understanding of them, but likely drew them into our own vernacular. If you’re… Read More »