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Nasty Internet Explorer Bug Gives Away ‘Windows Admin Rights’ To Attackers

Microsoft has issued a warning that a severe remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2019-1367) exists in its oldest browser, Internet Explorer. Taking its severity seriously, the company has even pushed an out-of-bound emergency patch. According to the advisory, the RCE vulnerability exists in the way the Internet Explorer’s scripting engine handles memory. It could lead to memory corruption, allowing… Read More »

Nasty Botnet Neutrino Caught Hacking Other Hackers’ Web Shells

A crypto mining botnet operation, going for almost a year, is hijacking web shells of other hackers, according to report from Positive Technologies. Researchers have linked the source of the dangerous botnet to Neutrino gang. Back in 2017, Neutrino (aka Kasidet) was a dangerous trojan that launched DDoS attacks, recorded keystrokes and installed malware on desktops. However, the… Read More »

Windows 10 Systems Prone To ‘Full Compromise’ Due To Nasty Huawei Driver

Third party kernel drivers are often a headache for the consumer electronics vendors as the complete control on the integrity of the system can’t be ensured. The same applies to Microsoft and its Windows 10 operating system. In an official blog post, Microsoft has outlined a massive security flaw present in a device management driver developed by China-based… Read More »

Taking the Nasty Out of “Doing the Nasty”: Sexual Arousal Reduces Women’s Disgust

Ladies, be honest: Do certain aspects of sexual activity sometimes gross you out? If you answered yes, you’re not alone, and there’s a psychological and physiological explanation for why you might feel that way. Both sex and disgust are core aspects of human experience. Scientists believe that disgust evolved as a defensive mechanism to keep us from being… Read More »