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Help Me, While I Take a Nap

We take it for granted that support from a partner is good (e.g., see the post on invisible support from a few days ago). Partners help you in many ways; when you need help studying for a big exam or are trying to exercise more, having your partner there to support and encourage you is a big help,… Read More »

How To Take A Meditation Nap

To coincide with the recent posts about napping – a great post from Brian Armstrong about designing the perfect nap, and this one on power napping – here’s a quick and easy step by step to get in that zone; good for short, meditating sleeps. 1 STRETCH your legs for 30 seconds. 2 SIT on a chair or… Read More »

How To Get The Perfect Nap

Hey, I’m not being lazy. I’m napping for 20 minutes so I’m killer productive for the next few hours. That makes sense, right? No use being drowsy and irritated for those hours, I’ll be an attentive, productive part of the workplace. Advertising Here’s how to get a good nap: 1 The first consideration is psychological: Recognize that you’re… Read More »