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Beginner-friendly Terminal-based Text Editor GNU Nano Version 5.0 Released

Open source text editor GNU nano has reached the milestone of version 5.0. Take a look at what features this new release brings. There are plenty terminal-based text editors available for Linux. While editors like Emacs and Vim require a steep learning curve with bunch of unusual keyboard shortcuts, GNU nano is considered easier to use. Perhaps that’s… Read More »

15-Year-Old Exposes Vulnerabilities In Ledger’s Nano S Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency wallet manufacturer Ledger claims to offer foolproof hardware wallet for storing cryptocurrencies, but a 15-year-old programmer named Saleem Rashid managed to hack into the Ledger Nano S. In his post, Rashid discussed the vulnerabilities of the Ledger’s $100 hardware wallet caused by the use of custom architecture. He explained that a flaw in the wallet allowed hackers to steal… Read More »

Hands on With elementary OS Powered Centurion Nano Laptop by Alpha Store

Brief: We take the elementary OS powered Centurion Nano laptop for a test ride. And it seems to be a decent, value for money device. We were recently contacted by Alpha Store to test their new Centurion laptop products. What? Yet another confidential laptop brand? I must admit that was my initial reaction. But after a closer look,… Read More »

Micro: A Modern Attempt At Command Line Editor

While modern open source code editors have taken the programming world by storm, Linux command line is still ruled by a selected set of text editors. Popular command line editors like Vim and Emacs are also infamous for their weird keyboard shortcuts. In fact, there are several jokes on those weird keyboard shortcuts in the programming world. Below is such… Read More »