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The PS5 controller myth that turned out to be true

id=”gdpr” class=”gdpr-container”> class=”gdpr” style=”opacity: 1; x: 1px; y: 0px; transform: translateY(0px) scale(1, 1);”> × Cookies assist us ship our Providers. Through the use of our Providers, you conform to our use of cookies. Study Extra. class=”image-holder gallery-image-holder credit-image-wrap lead-image-holder”> class=”columns-holder “> Whereas followers are nonetheless ready for Sony to launch the much-anticipated design of the upcoming PlayStation 5, the… Read More »

Myth Busters: 4 Lies Seniors Shouldn’t Believe About Obamacare

Let’s face it: Many people and pundits have an opinion about Obamacare, but most don’t seem to have a clue about the intricacies of the Affordable Care Act. While most citizens should do their own research instead of listen to the media outlets force their agenda on them, seniors don’t necessarily have the convenience of doing so since… Read More »

Productivity & Organizing Myth #8 – Getting Organized Takes Too Long

Myth: Getting organized requires so much time that you won’t be productive while getting organized. There’s too much to do to bother getting organized.Reality: Looks can be deceiving. The project might be substantial but you can do it! As the Question goes, “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer, “One bite at a time.” Here are two proven… Read More »

Productivity & Organizing Myth #7 – A person’s office or home can get decluttered and organized in hours or weekend (or 30 minute t.v. show).

Myth: Decluttering or getting organized takes a brief time.Reality: A major decluttering effort takes a lot of hours – most likely days. We don’t collect piles of mail, stacks of magazines, wads of receipts, a variety of files folder, heaps of papers, towers of reports, and other clutter in just a few days. In most spaces it is… Read More »

Productivity & Organizing Myth #6 – I can find anything in my piles.

Myth: Piles of papers or things are organized and people can find anything quickly in those piles. They say, “Believe it or not I know where everything is.”Reality: It takes a lot of time for people to find specific papers within piles and often they don’t find the papers until they’re no longer needed. This leafing through piles… Read More »

Productivity & Organizing Myth #5 – the right planner (tool) is all you need

Myth: Having the right portfolio planner, calendar, mole skine and containers (tools) will make someone productive.Reality: Having the right tools is the first part to being productive, managing your time well, and being successful. The second part, which is even more vital, is that one knows how to use the tools. None of us would expect to be… Read More »

Talent is a Myth

Scott H Young talks about something I happen to agree with whole-heartedly. For a long time since I was young I’ve been asked how did I become such a good drawer, that it’s such a gift. But I always say that I just did it a lot. This lie of talent, of gifted-ness has to be one of… Read More »