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How to Multitask while watching Youtube Videos on Android

itemprop=”articleBody”> id=”attachment_7638″ style=”width: 1930px” class=”wp-caption aligncenter”> How to Multitask while watching Youtube Videos in Android We all love watching youtube videos in our android phone. But you can’t do other things while watching Youtube videos on your android phone. Here comes Flytube, This clever Android app plays YouTube videos in a pop-up window that can sit on top of… Read More »

You Can Only Multitask In One Way

For years, we’ve known that humans can’t multitask. We can serial task by switching our attention back and forth between tasks quickly, but it makes us less efficient. However, a new study shows that there is actually one way that the human brain can multitask. Join Trace as he breaks down how this new finding sheds light on… Read More »