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Wapking: Stream & Download Latest Bollywood Mp3 Songs & Movies Free Online

Check out the most admired pirated platform “Wapking” and come across an array of most popular English, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam movies to watch online. It’s a platform where you can watch and download online movies, series, TV shows, documentaries, etc. This site allows the users to download documentaries, Hindi dubbed movies, and TV shows as well. Movies… Read More »

Bestwap: Download Latest Hindi, Punjabi, Rajasthani & Tamil Mp3 Songs in High Quality

Bestwap is a piracy website that allows users to download the songs for free. The website comes with an array of categories which is entirely packed with oldest to latest songs. We all love to listen to the songs, and for some people, it is not a desire, it’s a need. This is a platform that fulfills all… Read More »

Downloadming: All Latest Hindi, Punjabi & English MP3 Songs in High Quality

Who does not like to listen to songs, especially while traveling and reducing stress? Songs are a great source of entertainment that keeps us going. For some people, it’s not a desire; it’s a need. There is no denying that listening to the songs can make us feel more energetic during the workout and calmed or relaxed during… Read More »

MP3 Audio Format Is Officially Dead

Short Bytes: A German Foundation, which owns the patent for MP3 audio format and licenses it, has announced that it’s abandoning the licenses to the format. The foundation has supported the use of better formats like AAC family or MPEG-H. While this move won’t end the use of MP3 instantly, it’s a symbolic move that’ll help other audio formats grow. … Read More »

5 Freeware to Create Jukebox Server and Stream MP3

class=”post-single-content”> id=”content” class=”thecontent” itemprop=”articleBody”> class=”adslot_1″> Music is important to most people because it can affect the mood or emotion of a person and also has the ability to create an atmosphere depending on the genre that is being played. This is why you can find the ability to play music on almost every device such as on your… Read More »

File2HD Downloads Any Files From Website Including Myspace MP3

class=”post-single-content”> id=”content” class=”thecontent” itemprop=”articleBody”> class=”adslot_1″> A website can consist many types of files such as images, text, cascading style sheets, javascripts and etc to construct the website’s layout. Any experienced users will be able to identify the items being requested when a website is loaded using Firebug and viewing the Net tab. If you’re trying to analyze a… Read More »