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Keeping the Flame Alive: Motivations for Staying Connected with Ex-Partners

Although certainly not for everyone, individuals often remain in contact with former partners after a break-up. But what ramifications does continued contact with an ex have when one or both individuals find themselves in a new romantic relationship? In one recent study the authors wanted to know why former partners communicate with each other, and whether motives for… Read More »

Have To or Want To?: Deciphering Your Partner’s Motivations for Helping You

Think about the last time your friend or romantic partner did something nice for you. Now think about that other person’s motivations: Do you think s/he did it for you out of care for you or out of obligation? We asked people this question in two studies; across both studies, people who were more avoidantly attached—that is, people… Read More »

To the Love of My Life: Motivations for Gift-Giving on Valentine’s Day

> I’ve received a gift on Valentine’s Day once in the past ten years. I wouldn’t consider my lackluster gift count so remarkable if I were perpetually single, but I have been romantically involved with someone on every single Valentine’s Day in the last decade! In contrast to my former partners, I derive a ridiculous amount of pleasure… Read More »

The 4 Motivations for Blogging

It can be said that the days of blogs just being writings from a particular person’s viewpoint are fading. Blogs nowadays take more of a general or subjective stance, while still remaining, in most cases, personal in nature. Tom Haskins has come up with four distinct types of blog writers and where their motivations lie. It’s interesting to… Read More »