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What Did I Do Wrong? Understanding Relationship Betrayal

By Dr. Dylan Selterman – University of Maryland Think back to a time when you felt betrayed. What did the person do? Did they confess? How did you feel? Why do you think you felt that way? In a new paper, my colleagues (Amy Moors and Sena Koleva) and I wanted to figure out some of the reasons why people think… Read More »

Feeling like a Family: Turning Points in Step-Families

By Jennifer Harman Ph.D. – Colorado State University Adventures in Blending: Memoirs of Mixing Families Photo Credit: News.com.au After the Consultant and I moved our families in together, his youngest daughter (who I will refer to as #3 due to her birth order in our blended brood) started to attend the same elementary school as my two boys. I picked… Read More »

Guardian Angel Manakel

Guardian Angel Manakel is the Angel of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the name in which meaning “The God who Nurtures Everything”.  As a God who nurtures everything, Manakel must be able to be kind and good in all circumstances.  He must see the good in all and the potential in all.  He brings morality and kindness… Read More »

Guardian Angel Habuhiah

Guardian Angel Habuhiah is the Angel of Healing, the 68th name of God, and is the protector of good harvest.  The name of Habuhiah is said to mean “God the Kindest Giver”.  As a kind giver, this Angel must give healing and light along with guidance and protection.  Giving light and healing those in need is the restoration… Read More »

Guardian Angel Mebahiah

Guardian Angel Mebahiah is the Angel of Intellectual Lucidity, the 55th God, and with the name meaning ‘The Eternal God’.  As the eternal god, this Angel must create pureness and clarity to lives he serves and protects.  To be one of eternity one must life a moral life with strong spiritual tendency.  One must be responsible and respectful,… Read More »

Guardian Angel Yehuiah

Guardian Angel Yehuiah is the Angel of Subordination, the 33rd name of God, and with his name meaning ‘The All-Knowing God’.  As an all-knowing God, this Angel commands subordination given his power to recognize and honor the spiritual hierarchy.  Knowing all, he is aware of confrontational situation and can bypass tense situations.  He will bring his followers the… Read More »

Angel Pahaliah

Guardian Angel Pahaliah is the Angel of Redemption, the 20th name of God, and with the meaning of his name being ‘God the Redeemer’.  As the Angel awakening the energy of all, Pahaliah brings spiritual enlightenment, faith, and hope to those who following his word.  Pahaliah is thought to bring morality, pure intentions, and courage to those under… Read More »