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Moon in Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman is one who is very kind and compassionate. She cares about people and is very sympathetic to the feelings and needs of others. However, when combined with the moon, this same woman takes on an almost psychic nature with the ability to take in thoughts and feelings like a sponge. A moon in Pisces woman… Read More »

Moon in Taurus Man

You probably already know about your sun sign. It’s what people typically want to know when they ask you, “What’s your zodiac sign?” However, there’s a lot more to your zodiac than you may realize — including your moon sign. If you’re a man and your moon is in Taurus, this article will help you better understand why… Read More »

Moon in Cancer Man

Most people know their sign of the Zodiac, but did you know that you also have a Moon sign? Astrologically speaking, the Moon can tell a lot about who a person is inside. Understanding a man’s Moon sign can give you a different insight into your compatibility. The Basics of Astrology Astrology is the study of how the… Read More »

Moon in Taurus Woman

New to astrology? You might not know what a moon sign is or what it means if you’re a woman with your moon in Taurus. That’s to be expected — and this article will fill you in on everything you’re missing. Even if you’re a seasoned astrology connoisseur, you’re sure to learn something from this article, so keep… Read More »

Moon in Capricorn Man

The Moon in Capricorn man is someone who is likely to surprise you with the hidden facets of his personality. Though his exterior presents a strict, calm, and sometimes angry front, deep down inside, he is an extremely caring individual with a down-to-earth view on life. A man of comfort, not many will get the pleasure of enjoying… Read More »

Moon in Virgo Woman

If you ever meet a woman who acts like a diva, you might want to ask her if she was born with her moon in Virgo. These women are strong, demanding, and know what they want. They’re not afraid to share their opinions, and they want to take the lead. She Can Come Across as Insensitive The moon… Read More »

Moon in Sagittarius Man

You have no issues approaching the attractive lady at the bar. Catching her off guard with a drink of your choice usually starts the night off with something to talk about. Flashing your wistful smile often shows your boldness and energy quite well. Before long, you ask what brought her here tonight and start a conversation about your… Read More »

Moon in Libra Man

You see the moon almost every night, but do you know what it does in astrology? When you’re a Libra moon, you radiate the charming, romantic, level-headed energy typically found in a Libra, but the moon augments that energy. Keep reading to find out exactly how. What Does the Moon Do in Astrology? The moon’s control on earth… Read More »

Moon in Scorpio Woman

Moon in Scorpio women are as mysterious as they are alluring, and they can be difficult to read at times. It takes time and dedication to break through the tough outer shell that they hide behind, but once you do, you’ll find that she makes a fiercely loyal and compassionate companion. How Does the Moon Affect a Scorpio… Read More »