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1 Kid Just Learned Through Monopoly Half of the Saying, “Nothing Is Certain but Death and Taxes”

Where did all my money go?? via Reddit pic.twitter.com/cBl1cYwWRD – Rob Diaz 💻⚡️ (@robbdiazz) July 29, 2019 Life is hard, taxes suck, and being an adult is mostly nothing to look forward to – these are all things that a young boy named Dony learned through a game of Monopoly with his family. The boy – who appears… Read More »

I Can Not Wait For Queen of The Lion King Monopoly Game – There Is a Scar Token!

[ad_1] In case you were anything like me as a kid, then you probably utilised to bounce around before this TV singing all the words into”Circle of Life” and”Hakuna Matata” and belt out the opening notes of this movie on occasion, because The Lion King ain’t no passin’ craze – and is that sunset-colored Lion King Monopoly game… Read More »