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We’re Exclusive In Our Relationship…Aren’t We?

Public opinion surveys find that 70-80% of North Americans say that infidelity is “always wrong,” and most others express some disapproval.1,2 Researchers find that most married and dating partners expect romantic and sexual exclusivity.3,4 If you’re like a good number of people, you may think that you have in place an agreement to be exclusive. But, like many… Read More »

Is Marriage Really Synonymous with Monogamy?

image soure: telegraph.co.uk/women/mother-tongue/9041460/Monogamy-safer-than-polygamy.html After her husband of 18 years reveals that he has gotten a vasectomy, successful magazine journalist Robin Rinaldi comes to the sinking realization that she will not have the family she had once hoped for. Being that she can’t create the home life she dreamed of, she decides to go down a different path and… Read More »