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Better Than Top: 7 System Monitoring Tools for Linux to Keep an Eye on Vital System Stats

No matter whether you’re a system administrator or just a casual desktop user, you may have heard about one of the most popular terminal-based system monitoring tool “top“. To many, it’s the task manager on Linux. In case you didn’t know, the “Top” utility helps display all the running processes and gives you some important information on the… Read More »

Monitoring CPU and GPU Temperatures on Linux

Brief: This articles discusses two simple ways of monitoring CPU and GPU temperatures in Linux command line. Because of Steam (including Steam Play, aka Proton) and other developments, GNU/Linux is becoming the gaming platform of choice for more and more computer users everyday. A good number of users are also going for GNU/Linux when it comes to other resource-consuming computing tasks such as video editing or… Read More »

Roku, Snap Executives Monitoring Coronavirus Affect On Companies

Roku, a pioneer of streaming to the TV, mentioned it’s protecting a detailed eye on its manufacturing provide chain in China the place the coronavirus might influence how rapidly it could possibly replenish its product. Talking on the Morgan Stanley Expertise, Media & Telecom convention in San Francisco, outgoing CFO Steve Louden mentioned the corporate had moved its… Read More »

CCleaner Facing Backlash For User Data Collection And Active Monitoring

Ever since Avast acquired Piriform’s CCleaner, users have been complaining of the software going downhill as they often encounter annoying ads and malware in it. Now, the popular system cleaning tool is facing a backlash from users for the latest ‘improvements’ introduced in the software. The latest update to v5.45 in the free version of the app has… Read More »

Teensafe, A Teen Phone Monitoring App, Leaks Thousands Of Apple ID Passwords

Teensafe is a monitoring app used by parents for keeping a check on the activities of their children. The app allows parents to access their child’s location, call history, messages, browsing history, and apps downloaded by them without their permission. In a recent discovery by a UK based security researcher named Robert Wiggins, the app has leaked data… Read More »

Are You “Creeping”? Jealousy and Partner Monitoring on Facebook

Facebook has changed the way people share information about their relationships and the way they communicate with their romantic partners. As I discussed here, Facebook provides opportunities for people to express their relationship satisfaction and commitment, but, as we learned here, Facebook is also a forum where people can access information about their romantic partners that may trigger… Read More »