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Bodhi Linux 5.1 Review: Slightly Different Lightweight Linux

Bodhi Linux is a lightweight Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. Unlike most other distributions, Bodhi uses its own Moksha desktop and focuses on providing you a minimal setup to run on older computers. What is Bodhi Linux? Bodhi Start Page Bodhi Linux was first introduced in 2011. It is designed with “minimalism, resource efficiency, and user choice” in… Read More »

Bodhi Linux Introduces Moksha Desktop

Ubuntu based lightweight Linux distribution Bodhi Linux is working on a desktop environment of its own. This new desktop environment will be called Moksha (Sanskrit for ‘complete freedom’). Moksha will be replacing the usual Enlightenment desktop environment.  Why Moksha instead of Enlightenment? Jeff Hoogland of Bodhi Linux says that he had been unhappy with the newer versions of Enlightenment in the… Read More »