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pumpkin bread | moist pumpkin bread (vegan)

> class=”tasty-pins-hidden-image-container” style=”display:none;”> Pumpkin bread recipe with step by step photos. There are two quick breads I often make – Banana bread and pumpkin bread. Like my banana bread recipe, my pumpkin bread is also a moist and healthy bread. A super simple one-bowl recipe that has your regular pantry staples. The bread has a lovely moist texture… Read More »

Wine Cake | Soft Moist Eggless Red Wine Cake

class=”tasty-pins-hidden-image-container” style=”display:none;”> Wine cake with step by step photos. This is an easy and delicious recipe to make a moist and soft eggless wine cake. To make this egg-free wine cake, i have used red wine (cabernet sauvignon) to soak the dry fruits. I soaked the fruits in the red wine for about 14 days. You can soak the… Read More »