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How MIT Is Teaching AI To Detect Cyberattacks And Defeat Hackers With 86% Accuracy

Detecting a cyberattack and its mitigation is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses. Sniffing through all the data and looking for the possible cause can take hours. To solve this problem, MIT is developing an AI that can work with humans without getting tired. Known as AI2, this system is developed by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory… Read More »

MIT Develops Secure SMS System Which Is Even More Anonymous Than Tor

Short Bytes: Researchers at MIT have developed MIT Secure SMS system called Vuvuzela which is more secure than Tor anonymous system. This invention was made after the MIT researchers made a pattern discovery in the Tor system about the traffic pattern of the data.  class=”su-row”> class=”su-column su-column-size-4-5″> class=”su-column-inner su-u-clearfix su-u-trim”>Recently the researchers from MIT analyzed the patterns of… Read More »

MIT is the Most Insecure University in the US

SecurityScorecard conducted a study of the United States’ universities and looked through the measures they have adopted to make their campus network secure. They assessed 485 colleges and universities on the basis of Web application security, network security, endpoint security, hacker chatter, social engineering, DNS health, IP reputation, patching cadence, password exposure, and Cubit score. The colleges chosen had… Read More »