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9 mistakes you must avoid making on Christmas Day

class=”entry-content clearfix single-post-content”> Christmas is definitely great time of the year but it is also where one can take tremendous stress especially for the one who is hosting dinner. Mistakes can happen and though it can happen unintentionally, it is something that shouldn’t happen on a Christmas day at all. It could be cooking mistakes or anything else… Read More »

18 Things Folks Regret Performing On Their Wedding Day – Learn From Their Mistakes

Your wedding day may be among the most challenging, most memorable times of your life. But everyone who is planned one understands it may also bring its fair share of stress, chaos, and unhappiness (did you actually need to invite Aunt Edna?) . Happily for the rest of those who have not been tied the mind people’s errors… Read More »

10 Mistakes You Can Make That Will Help You Grow as a Person

We all make mistakes, no doubt about it. Making mistakes can reflect our willingness to explore different attitudes, approaches, and behaviors. If we’re lucky, mistakes also reveal powerful opportunities for personal development as we reflect on life’s lessons and take thoughtful action to make a change. The following 10 mistakes may be painful in the moment, but can ultimately… Read More »

6 Mistakes That Can Keep You From Achieving Your Wellness Goals

Editor’s Note: UPDATED as of October 10, 2016 for relevance and accuracy. You have some exciting new goals, and you’re ready to take action! Just look at you—all motivated and inspired to make self-healthy change! Nothing’s getting in the way of your wellness goals! Such unabashed enthusiasm is great. Lots of people start off feeling exactly the same. Take… Read More »