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If You’re Miserable in Summer Heat, Attempt These Hilarious Sweat Hacks

[ad_1] Tiffany Jenkins (of Juggling the Jenkins) hates the Summer warmth and states,”I perspiration in plenty of weird areas, and I’m not fond of sweating.” She is here to share some advice and hacks to stop perspiration from destroying your day (along with your own bra!) . Some are somewhat ridiculous (attaching frozen yogurt capsules into your wrists?!)… Read More »

Does Parenting Make People Happy or Miserable?

Parenting, no doubt, is a demanding job. While parenting can bring people great joy and meaning, it can also be incredibly stressful and frustrating. The debate over whether parents are more or less happy than non-parents doesn’t have a definitive answer. This is in part due to the fact that people who have children differ, on average, from… Read More »

8 Steps To Breaking Free From The Miserable Job

70% of people hate their jobs. For the remaining portion, it is just as miserable with 18% describing their job situation as disengaged and discontent. Gallop’s 2013 poll on the American Workplace highlights a 28% increase in job dissatisfaction since 2010. The figures reveal that although dissatisfied, still more people are remaining in these detrimental situations. No doubt… Read More »