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Can a Plane Crash Make You Fall in Love?

If you have seen an action movie in the last two decades (Speed, Mission: Impossible, Jurassic World, Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, any James Bond film) then you know that if two conventionally attractive strangers live through a life-or-death experience together, they are incredibly likely to develop a romance. That’s also the premise of the new Idris Elba and Kate… Read More »

Misattribution in Paradise: Would the Bachelor Contestants Have Connected without all of the Arousal Inducing Dates?

Somehow, even with my reality TV addiction, I was able to evade the Bachelor for the past 19 seasons, Bachelor Pad, and one season of Bachelor in Paradise. However, this summer, at the request of a friend, I sat down to watch the second season of Bachelor in Paradise. I was immediately sucked in. A revolving door of… Read More »