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After Targeting Linux, Mirai Botnet Is Here To Hack Your Windows Devices

Short Bytes: The infamous Mirai botnet malware has finally entered the world of Microsoft Windows. An antivirus firm recently discovered a new variant of Mirai, which is now named Trojan.Mirai.1. The trojan uses Windows devices to increase Mirai’s botnet army by infecting Linux-based IoT devices. Notably, Mirai was the chief player in some of the biggest DDoS attacks witnessed last… Read More »

This Live Map Shows Record-breaking “Mirai” Malware Attacking Your Country

lMirai malware, the IoT botnet that crippled the security website Krebs On Security and launched a heavy DDoS attack on hosting provider OVH, has been released publicly by a hacker. While Mirai isn’t the biggest ever botnet, it’s responsible for one of the largest DDoS attack recorded. It spreads by brute forcing telnet servers with 62 insecure default passwords.… Read More »