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Logic Supply’s CL 100 is a Powerful Mini PC With Ubuntu Preinstalled

Computer manufacturer Logic Supply has announced the release of their newest mini-pc: the CL100. When you think of Linux mini PCs, you think of relatively low-powered systems because of the limited size. That’s not the same case with CL100. Even though, this mini Linux machine is compact in size but it is backed by high end features. What is CL 100? CL… Read More »

Onion Omega 2 is a Tiny Linux Mini PC For Internet Of Things

The Onion Omega 2 is one of the inexpensive single-board computers that run Linux. The single-board computer is powered by a Mediatek processor, and it claims that it offers you the same efficiency as the Arduino and comes with the flexibility of Raspberry Pi. But it has a much lower price compared to other single board computers. Moreover,… Read More »