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Why Small Minds Discuss People, Average Minds Discuss Events, Great Minds Discuss Ideas

“Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas.” This is a quote misattributed to both Eleanor Roosevelt and Admiral Hyman Rickover. Regardless of the speaker it raises interesting ideas, but raises them in a manner which more or less defeats the implied judgment. If it is small-minded to judge people, is that not precisely… Read More »

Robert Pattinson and Willem DaFoe Slowly Lose Their Minds in The Lighthouse Trailer

Robert Eggers, the acclaimed director of The Witch, is back with a different unsettling narrative to keep you up at nighttime: The Lighthouse. In the very first trailer for its black and white drama, we’re introduced to Thomas Wake (Willem DaFoe) and Ephraim Winslow ( Links”>Robert Pattinson), two lighthouse keepers that are posted on a distant New England… Read More »

Anonymous is Supporting New Social Network “Minds”: Facebook’s Latest Challenge

> Just like a usual social network, it has features like status updates, sharing the links and thoughts and yesterday Minds officially launched its mobile and desktop apps. The program behind Minds is fully open-source and all the private messages exchanged between the users are encrypted. The Minds’ founder Bill Ottman tells Business Insider: “Our stance is the… Read More »

Parental Alienation and the Fight for Children’s Hearts and Minds

  Parental alienation involves one parent spoiling the relationship between a child and the other parent in the absence of actual abuse or neglect. In both my personal and professional lives, I have seen many parents actively turn their children against the other parent in an effort to “keep them (the child) close,” and to undermine their child’s… Read More »