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Mindfulness and the Brain: How Being Mindful Protects Against Stress And Anxiety

When you see people sitting cross-legged, palms up, and in a seemingly peaceful trance, you may wonder whether the benefits of meditation are real, or just a handy placebo effect for some new age believers. Since trying to meditate for the first time can seem impossible, it’s understandable you’d feel that nagging doubt. However, meditation falls under a… Read More »

Have Mindful Conversation in 9 Easy Steps

Connection. You want it. You need it. You have to have it. In today’s high-information and digitized world, finding meaningful, personal connection through the noise is challenging. It requires focus, intention, and above all, mindful conversation with those around you. This is how you can get back to that connection you crave through your interaction with others: 1.… Read More »

Mindful or Mind Full? Techniques for Staying in the Present Moment

We often come across articles or passages in books that remind us that peace and tranquility is to be found by being “present”—by being mindful and staying in the moment—but rarely are we given techniques about how exactly to do that. Let’s explore a few different methods of doing so. Breathwork One great way of staying in the present moment… Read More »