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Too Macho for the Middle? Why Guys Don’t Compromise

Imagine you and your romantic partner are purchasing a new car together. You both prioritize safety and fuel efficiency, and you’ve identified 3 cars that you mutually like. The first car is extremely fuel-efficient. The second has superior safety ratings. And the third car is in the middle – it scores reasonably on both factors. Which are you… Read More »

NVIDIA Optimus Hints At Better Support To Linux After Linus’ Middle Finger

Back in June’12 Linus Torvalds, the father of Linux kernel, used F word and showed middle finger gesture to NVIDIA for their constant lack of support to Linux machine. At a university event in Finland, Linus said the following about NVIDIA while answering to a student: I am very happy to say that …its the exception rather than… Read More »

Valentines Approaching Middle Age*

*Wikipedia defines “middle age” as 41 – 60, so it must be true. Everyone in a long-term romantic relationship has a story. Each of our stories is unique. Our story begins when we were 21 (Charlotte) and 25 (Patrick). We were both coming off other long-term, serious (or so we thought) relationships, and we really didn’t know what… Read More »

Middle Finger to Productivity—Here’s How to Procrastinate Like a Boss

So I’m sitting here, working (actually trying to work) and thinking about this whole productivity thing. I mean, I know that being productive throughout the day is a very nice concept. One that can bring your business/hobby/any other activity to the next level. However, aren’t we just too productivity-focused in the 21st century? Before the year 1600, the… Read More »