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Emotet Malware Shut Down Microsoft’s Entire Network By Overheating PCs

Emotet is one of the notorious malware wreaking havoc across industries by hacking systems. In that latest attack, it took down an entire network of Microsoft by overheating computers. According to a report by Microsoft Detection and Response Team (DART), Emotet tricked one Microsoft employee into opening a malicious email attachment. A series of events that followed led… Read More »

Hack Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge And Get Paid Up To $30,000

A few days back, Microsoft released a new beta version of its Chromium Edge browser. Alongside this, the company also announced a huge bounty program for the researchers. According to the official blog post of Microsoft, finding vulnerabilities in the Chromium-based Internet Edge can gain researchers bounty rewards starting from $1,000 to $30,000. The new program will run… Read More »

[Update] US Military Is Paying Around $1 Billion To Access Microsoft’s Source Code

Update: Microsoft has informed pxsbox about a correction statement from the DOD which is to clarify the misleading language of the contract announcement. The contract doesn’t provide DOD, the rights to access Microsoft’s proprietary source code. DOD Statement: “The Department of Defense does not, and will not, have access to Microsoft’s proprietary source codes. The METSS-II contract is a… Read More »

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Browser Hacked In 18 Seconds By Security Researchers

If you are into bug hunting, you might be knowing about PwnFest, a bug pwning event organized by POC. At this festival, security firms and hackers target different platforms. The winners receive cash prize and platform developers get to know about the vulnerabilities in their software–a win-win situation for both. At PwnFest 2016, held in Seoul, hackers from… Read More »

Microsoft’s redesigned Paint app for Windows 10 looks awesome

itemprop=”articleBody”> id=”attachment_8220″ style=”width: 1320px” class=”wp-caption aligncenter”> Microsoft New Paint App Microsoft is building a Windows 10 version of its famous Paint tool. While the software maker has barely updated Paint in recent releases of Windows, the new Paint app will be completely overhauled. The upcoming Paint app is built on UWP and it optimized for touch and pen… Read More »

Mozilla, Apple, And Google Join Microsoft’s Army To Fight DOJs Gagging Orders

Another tech name has come up in support of Microsoft which has been fighting against the US Department of Justice’s unjustified gagging orders. Mozilla, in coalition with Apple, Lithium, and Twilio, has filed an amicus brief to fuel the lawsuit against the DOJ. Microsoft filed the lawsuit in April in order to put a bar on gag orders issued… Read More »