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List of Micro Prefix Words

Micro is commonly seed as denoting a factor of one millionth in size of the metric size. It roots from the Greek word meaning small. Used as a prefix in the English language, here are some great examples of micro prefix words in the following list. microactionmicroanalyticmicroappmicroartifactmicroassaultmicroassemblymicrobombmicrobrewmicroburstmicrocardmicrochipmicrocinemamicrocitymicrocivilizationmicroclassificationmicrocontentmicrocubemicrodisplaymicrofilmmicroformmicrogrammicrolightmicrometermicrophonemicroscopemicrowave The term multi has Greek and Latin roots. The following video… Read More »

Quibi Greenlights Cease-Movement Animated Collection ‘Micro Mayhem’ From Stoopid Buddy Studios & eOne

Quibi has given a inexperienced gentle to Micro Mayhem, a stop-motion animated sequence from Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and eOne. Created and government produced by Eric Towner (Robotic Rooster), Micro Mayhem is a sequence of over-the-top shorts the place the vehicles are the characters. Impressed by the unique Micro Mayhem viral brief created by Towner and John Harvatine IV,… Read More »

Micro: A Modern Attempt At Command Line Editor

While modern open source code editors have taken the programming world by storm, Linux command line is still ruled by a selected set of text editors. Popular command line editors like Vim and Emacs are also infamous for their weird keyboard shortcuts. In fact, there are several jokes on those weird keyboard shortcuts in the programming world. Below is such… Read More »

A Secure Computer On A Micro SD Card

> Google’s Project Vault is something equivalent to these security measures and aims to protect user’s important data. Talking of the analogies, the usual SIM card is something that is already present in a phone and protects stuff important to carriers. The Vault houses an ARM processor running ARTOS – a secure operating system focused on security and… Read More »

Download Trend Micro Antivirus+ 10 with Free 6 Months License

class=”post-single-content”> id=”content” class=”thecontent” itemprop=”articleBody”> class=”adslot_1″> Any person who has started using a computer since Windows 95 would have at least heard of an antivirus software called PC-cillin. It was one of the very few pieces of antivirus software available for the Windows computer because back then there weren’t many computer viruses and the available ones weren’t that advanced… Read More »