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Refried Beans | Easy Mexican Homemade Refried Beans Recipe

class=”tasty-pins-hidden-image-container” style=”display:none;”> Refried beans With step by step pics. A homemade refried beans recipe that gives you a really delicious creamy refried beans. it tastes too good plain or in a taco, quesadilla or tortillas. In fact the vegetarian tacos I made were so good with these refried beans, tomato salsa and sour cream. This refried beans recipe… Read More »

Refreshing Mexican Watermelon Agua Fresca

class=”tasty-pins-hidden-image-container” style=”display:none;”> Watermelon agua fresca is a refreshing and cooling Mexican drink for summers. Low-fat and Vegan. Its so refreshing and cooling that you can include this drink in your summer diet. the temperatures are soaring here. March had been pretty hot, wonder what April & May has in store. This drink has a different consistency & taste… Read More »

spanish fried rice | arroz mexicana (aromatic mexican rice)

class=”tasty-pins-hidden-image-container” style=”display:none;”> Spanish fried rice recipe with step by step photos. This easy to make delicious spanish fried rice is one of our favorite recipe. It is simple like the Portuguese tomato rice, but more flavorful and little spicy, and the method of cooking the rice is also different. A vegan recipe. This flavorful and spicy spanish rice… Read More »