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Zombie Movies Are NOT A Good Metaphor For Coronavirus

With coronavirus resulting in a quarantine below the specter of a worldwide virus, horror followers could be tempted to show in the direction of zombie horror for escapism. Nonetheless, whereas there are lots of parallels between the COVID-19 actuality and the onscreen undead, the variations imply zombie films to not present the perfect outlet. Like all movie genres,… Read More »

Metaphor — Here’s How This Remote Android Exploit Hacks Your Phone In 10 Seconds

Short Bytes: A remote Android hacking exploit named Stagefright — also known as Metaphor — has arrived and because of it, millions of Android devices are directly under threat. If you are an Android user, you should be careful about it. Know how this works and how easily it can hack an Android phone in just ten seconds. class=”su-row”> class=”su-column su-column-size-4-5″>… Read More »

If You Think Heartbreak Is Only A Metaphor, Science Proves You Wrong

A heartbreak is literally for real, not a mere metaphor. I guess only those who have truly experienced really really bad and depressing things will agree with this. Some people may think that experiencing a break up will tear one’s heart apart is just exaggerating, but is it? Science actually proves that the mental sufferings do lead to an… Read More »