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How to play Facebook Messenger’s Secret Basketball Game in Mobile

itemprop=”articleBody”> A month ago internet users found secret chess game in Facebook Messenger app. Now they found amazing hidden secret basketball game in facebook messenger app. You can play this game with your friends and challenge your friend in this game by making a high score. Read this post and know how can you play this secret basketball… Read More »

How to Play Facebook Messenger’s Secret Chess Game with Secret Command

itemprop=”articleBody”> Facebook is one of the biggest social networking websites on the internet. They tried everything to stay you always on facebook. Many Facebook users don’t know Facebook has a secret chess game in messenger. Just type           @fbchess play in facebook chat and this facebook secret chess game started in your facebook chat box.… Read More »

Chat with Free Web-Based Instant Messengers Without Installation

class=”post-single-content”> id=”content” class=”thecontent” itemprop=”articleBody”> class=”adslot_1″> Some company or school networks don’t allow you use instant messengers by using their firewall to block certain port numbers that prevents application such as Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger in connecting. Even if you’re on a network that does not block instant messengers, you still… Read More »