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Facebook The Messenger App Updated with New Design for Android and iOS

Facebook is rolling out an update to its dedicated Messenger app for Android and iOS has received a major redesigned interface and improved functionality. today that brings a fresh new interface and an improved experience for chatting with friends who aren’t on the service. Facebook probably couldn’t have chosen a better moment to redesign their Messenger app. With… Read More »

BlackBerry Messenger Downloaded by 20 Million Users in First Week

In the week since BlackBerry has announced that its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Apps has been made available to iOS and Android Phone Users, The BBM Application has been downloaded across BlackBerry, Android and iOs Platforms by 20 million users out of its 80 million Active Users Worldwide. BBM was downloaded by 10 Million users in the first 24… Read More »

Group Calling in Facebook Messenger

After major update of Facebook page life broadcast now hour ago facebook introduces its latest feature of Facebook group calling in messenger.  Just an hour ago David Marcus posted about this update on his profile. “Really excited to announce the global roll out of group calling in Messenger today. From any group conversations, just tap on the phone icon to… Read More »

Session: An Open Source Private Messenger That Doesn’t Need Your Phone Number

Brief: Our open source software highlight of the week is Session. It is a fork of another increasingly popular private messenger Signal. Session doesn’t even need your phone number to operate. Session: A private messenger in true sense Privacy concerned people are always in the search of an ultimate service that lets you communicate securely while respecting our… Read More »

Android Trojan Steals Data From Messenger Apps: Facebook, Skype, Twitter Targeted

A new Android Trojan could be stealing your data through mobile instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Skype and other IM clients. This malware was detected by security researchers from Trustlook, a cyber-security firm. A report published on Monday describes the new trojan as a simple one with few abilities. After infecting the app, the trojan tries to… Read More »

Cryptojacking Bot “Digimine” Spreading Via FB Messenger in Google Chrome Desktop

Cryptocurrency mining is on the rise and so does the number of instances where wrong ways are used to harvest the digital currency. Just a day before yesterday, we told you about the Loapi Android malware that mines Monero on your device. Even if you’re sitting at a place like Starbucks, mining can happen anytime. Now, the security… Read More »

This Facebook Messenger Malware Is Spreading On Windows, Linux, MacOS

Short Bytes: The researchers at Kaspersky Labs have uncovered a new Facebook Messenger malware. The malware fools people into clicking on malicious links and attempts to download adware. This campaign is targeting Windows, macOS, and Linux users–so, don’t click on any suspicious links sent by your friends. The researchers are still studying the attack and the actual working… Read More »