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16 Best Hood Movies of All Time Made In Hollywood To Watch Online in 2020 [Action, Crime, Thriller, Suspense]

Representation of African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans in Hollywood movies is not that prevalent. This is one of the main reasons why people don’t know good hood movies to watch. For those wondering, hood movies comprise a genre of movies that reflect certain aspects of the Black community and the non-native Americans in the United States. Some of the common… Read More »

18 Best Lawyer Movies of All Time In Hollywood You Must Watch Online [Drama, Comedy, Crime, Suspense]

It doesn’t matter whether you are a law student or not, lawyer and legal movies are pretty enticing. Not only do they help your inquisitive side, but it also feeds the side of you that lives off of thriller movies. Every person needs a downtime every once in a while, and lawyer movies serve as the best distraction… Read More »

18+ Best Bollywood Actors In Hollywood Movies List You Should Know [Most Talented Actors]

If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, you will likely know that some of your favourite actors have appeared in some of the leading Hollywood movies as well. And, no, you probably don’t know all of them. It is pretty common if you don’t except for some of the most common ones because we got you covered.… Read More »

Top 11 Black Actresses Under 40 In Hollywood [Most Gorgeous Black Women Images]

One of the best qualities of Hollywood is that it has been always very welcoming to everyone including black actors. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. If you have talent, you will be recognized. Hollywood has many black actresses who are not only pretty but also extremely talented. These ladies are an inspiration… Read More »

18 Top Hollywood Actresses In Their 30s You Must See [Mind Blowing Pictures]

Hollywood is a complete talent hub where actors and actresses of all ages exist. Over the years, the industry has produced many brilliant actresses. Some of these ladies have done legendary roles that have made them famous worldwide. Today, in this article, we are going to name some of the top Hollywood actresses who are currently ruling the… Read More »

Justin Bieber Invests $1.1 Million in Social-Media Startup

Justin Bieber has invested $1.1 million in a new social-media start-up called Shots of Me. Another Social network is coming soon designed specifically for teens, Not much has been released about the new social network, The company behind the venture is RockLive, a startup itself that makes mobile games. expected to launch its apps by November 2013.l There… Read More »

Bruce Willis’ Beverly Hills Mansion up for sale $22 Million

American Actor, Producer and Singer, is now hoping for a big payout. This time Bruce Willis is unloading his longtime Los Angeles Home. He bought in 2004 for $9 Million, 10,000 square foot mansion is listed for a whooping $22 million. Well it sounds crazy why the jump in price in nine years? if you calculate price with… Read More »

Angelina Jolie buys $20m island for brad pitt

“/> Angelina Jolie buys Brad Pitt heart-shaped island to mark his 50th birthday The ‘Changeling’ star is said to have splashed out on the idyllic plot – located off the coastline 50 miles north of New York City – ahead of Brad’s birthday next month because it includes two properties designed by his favourite architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.… Read More »