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Open Source Mobile OS Alternatives To Android

It’s no exaggeration to say that open source operating systems rule the world of mobile devices. Android is still an open source project, after all. But, due to the bundle of proprietary software that comes along with Android on consumer devices, many people don’t consider it an open source operating system. So what are the alternatives to Android?… Read More »

Facebook The Messenger App Updated with New Design for Android and iOS

Facebook is rolling out an update to its dedicated Messenger app for Android and iOS has received a major redesigned interface and improved functionality. today that brings a fresh new interface and an improved experience for chatting with friends who aren’t on the service. Facebook probably couldn’t have chosen a better moment to redesign their Messenger app. With… Read More »

Nokia N1 Android Tablet

Nokia, despite being acquired by Microsoft, Nokia has announced its first Android tablet named “Nokia N1”. The Nokia N1 is company’s 1st Android tablet and It looks like the iPad Mini – it has the 7.9-inch 2048×1536 Runs on Android lollipop,  a black front panel, and a 6.9 mm thin uni-body and casing made of aluminium. The Nokia… Read More »

How to Dial a Phone Number Extension?

itemprop=”articleBody”> Phone extensions provide various options for the extended direction in conditions where using the standard phone system is complicated, like an office building when hundreds of individual phones are used. The use of traditional telephone extensions stands to dial a number or create the layout and then wait for the operator or default system to ask for… Read More »