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An Open Source Initiative to Help Coronavirus Testing

Usually on It’s FOSS we talk about Linux and open source software with occasional open science stuff. However, when we stumbled upon a post on Hackaday, we learned about an initiative (OpenCovid19) that tries to promote or develop open-source methodologies to safely test the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In other words, the initiative tries to potentially develop a community-driven… Read More »

Ronald Mallett Might Maintain The Key To Time Journey

Think about if we may ship data again to ourselves to warn ourselves of pure disasters, anomalies, earthquakes, the 1000’s of lives it can save you, and even on a extra private stage, to attempt to change our personal future by sending data again, maybe to warn family members to remain out of conditions which may result in… Read More »

Looking for Darkish Matter With Quantum Computer systems, One Blip of Gentle at a Time

For many years, scientists have struggled to outline the stuff that contains 1 / 4 of the universe: darkish matter. As experiments proceed to show up empty-handed, one workforce hopes to seek out darkish matter by incorporating the legal guidelines that govern subatomic particles—quantum mechanics—with a nascent form of know-how known as a quantum laptop. It’s what’s introduced… Read More »

New Leads for Malaria Discovered: Open Source Pharma FTW!

Happy Scientific Sunday! There’s been some promising news in the field of Anti-Malaria Research! In this new article on Open Science, we are going to talk about the current challenges we face concerning the disease and what the new Open Source Discovery is all about! In our previous Science articles, we have talked about the Open Source Malaria… Read More »

Understanding Disease with Tabula Muris – The Open Source Database via Chan Zuckerberg Biohub

In this new Open Science article, we have explored an Open Source Database called Tabula Muris and how can it significantly contribute in the process of understanding disease for its prevention or cure. But before we do that, we’d like to introduce in brief the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative by Priscilla Chan and her husband Mark Zuckerberg, who we… Read More »

Open Source 3D Printing: Exploring Scientific and Medical Solutions

3D Printing is not a new thing to hear about. It is a very popular industry right now that began in the early 80s. But how different is Open Source 3D Printing from proprietary designs? How does this affect its applications in Science and Medicine? Let’s read on. class=”wp-block-embed__wrapper”> What is 3D Printing All About? Just like a… Read More »

Nuclear Reactor Startup Transatomic Power going Open Source after Closure

It seldom happens that certain circumstances do not allow one idea to prosper as planned. But Open Source can solve that issue, once the idea is shared with the world. Others can take on that work, build upon and keep improving it. This recently happened with Transatomic Power (founded by Mark Massie and Dr. Leslie Dewan in April… Read More »

Innovating Nanotechnology with Open Science and AI

Nanotechnology is evidently a very popular buzzword, comprising of several remarkable applicabilities in Science and Technology. In this new article for Open Science and Artificial Intelligence, we will explore how both of them impact Nanotechnology research. Trivia: The term “Open Source” was coined by futurist Christine Peterson, who is an American nanotechnologist and also the co-founder of Foresight Institute, which… Read More »