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Red Dead Timelapse Is Only The Cutest Lil’ Item

class=”img-wrapper sc-1eow4w5-2 dXbcSW” contenteditable=”false” style=”max-width:800px” data-syndicationrights=”false”> style=”padding-bottom:55.5%” class=”image-hydration-wrapper sc-1eow4w5-3 iJyiXs”> The planet of Red Dead Redemption two is huge and sensible, but with a couple of camera tricks it may be made to appear to be a small little model railway collection. This timelapse, tilt-shifted movie was created by Red Dead Online Guides, and just like so many… Read More »

Rockstar Co-Founder Dan Houser Is Leaving The Business

Dan Houser, who and his brother Sam based Rockstar and has been among the most crucial characters in video games within the last 20 years, will be leaving the company next month. was on a break because 2019, information of his death (his last day will be March 11) was made official now. Publisher Take-Two issued a brief… Read More »