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What Did I Do Wrong? Understanding Relationship Betrayal

By Dr. Dylan Selterman – University of Maryland Think back to a time when you felt betrayed. What did the person do? Did they confess? How did you feel? Why do you think you felt that way? In a new paper, my colleagues (Amy Moors and Sena Koleva) and I wanted to figure out some of the reasons why people think… Read More »

The Couple Who Diets Together: How Your Partner Influences Your Weight Loss

Photo Credit:“What should we do for dinner tonight, honey?” Chances are you regularly factor your partner into many of your typical daily activities. The two of you have likely fallen into some lifestyle patterns together, for better or worse. One pattern likely focuses on choices around food consumption, mealtimes, snacking, physical activity level, and other lifestyle behaviors… Read More »

Cyberbullying: Sticks and Stones May Break my Bones, but Tweets are What Really Hurt Me

In September of 2017, Melania Trump gave a speech to the United Nations in which she spoke out against the harms caused by individuals who engage in cyberbullying, or  “intentional aggressive behavior that is carried out repeatedly, occurs between a perpetrator and victim who are unequal in power, and occurs through electronic technologies”.1 Few could argue with her… Read More »

The Downside of Having a Dominant Relationship Partner

The issue: People have a need to feel autonomous (i.e., they need to feel like they are doing something because they want to and not because someone forced them to).1 When people are dominant, they try to take control of the situation, which may make others feel less autonomous.2 Feeling controlled can be disheartening and is linked to poor well-being.3 And people who have… Read More »

Dating Your Boss May Be Bad For Your Career

Getting romantically involved with a coworker is not uncommon; it’s estimated that nearly 10 million workplace romances start each year, and about half of all white-collar workers have been involved in a workplace romance at some point during their careers.1 Among these workplace romances, nearly a third involve relationships between an employee and a coworker with higher status… Read More »

Better Than You Think: The Impact of TV on Your Relationship

Television often gets a bad rap. If your mom was anything like mine, she often warned that if you sat too long in front of the TV it would “rot your brain.” TV’s potential for brain degradation aside, because watching TV is enjoyable, it feels natural to assume there is a catch. Something we clearly like so much… Read More »

Hopelessly Romantic and Easily Disappointed?

America is a country of romantics: we love our reality dating shows, rom-coms, and Disney princess movies. Romantic beliefs, like the ideas of love at first sight, “love will overcome all obstacles,” and “happily ever after“ are pervasive in our culture. Have you ever wondered whether these idealized beliefs regarding romanticism hurt relationships? The argument that they are… Read More »